Best Treatment of Depression for Teenagers.

Don’t panic there is some best treatment of depression for teenagers. Let’s first discuss a little about depression. Basically, depression is classified as a mental disorder. It may be described as sadness, feeling down, and lack of interest in daily activity. After some time these things make a part of daily routine that time all the things convert into depression. Basically, depression does a direct effect on mentality. The way you think and how you act on things. It can rise a variety of physical and emotional problems and can decline the level of your ability to perform at home and at work. Sadness and upsetting event are common things in everyone’s life. It is a serious medical condition and it can get worse if you don’t get proper treatment. Those who get the proper treatment often see improvement in symptoms within one week.

Depression symptoms in teens:

       Teenager boys may face the symptoms related to their:

1 Behaviour such as lack of interest, engaging in high-risk activity, thoughts of suicide, take the excessive drug,

nothing finds happiness in favorable activity.

        Sleeping schedule such as restless sleep, thoughts are wandering at the time of sleep, insomnia,

3         Sexual life such as reduce sex desire, decline sexual performance.

4         Mood changing such as aggressiveness, irritating behavior, restlessness, anxiousness,

5          Cognitive abilities such as do not understand in first listen of voice, inability to concentrate, lack of productivity in


   Teenager girls may face the symptoms related to their:

1          Mood such as irritability, laziness.

2         physical well-being such as weight loss, fatigue, headache, decline energy level.

3         Sleep schedule such as difficulty to sleep, thought working in mind at night, wake up early morning.

4         Emotional well-being such as helplessness, hopelessness, don’t talk to anyone, anxiety.

5         Behavior such as lack of interest in social engagement thought of suicide,

Causes of depression:

•          Genetic feature:

Genetic feature of depression indicated by family. According to research genetic variants of depression have a small effort on risk disease.

•          Brain structure:

Brain structure is also a cause of depression. If your brain has a frontal lobe then you are at higher risk because the frontal lobe brain is less active compare to another lobe.

•          Alcohol consumption:

Excessive consumption of alcohol is the reason for depression. Because uses of more change the level of brain and serotonin and neurotransmitters of the brain affected by alcohol.

•          Family problem:

Nowadays most people are depressed due to family issues. Family issues such as financial problems, domestic violence.

•          Certain medication:

There is some medicine that is helpful for some diseases but that medicine can trigger depression and that medicine can harm our mental health.

•          Expectation:

Nowadays expectation is a trending cause of depression because most people are depending on others. They expected more from life and do nothing for achieving expectations. Once the time was gone it never comes back and their expectation converts into sadness and anxiety. my expectation was theft my happiness. I wasn’t what I expected I should be and I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Best Treatment of Depression for Teenagers :

 There are many ways to tackle the problem of depression. It is not a big issue if we caught depression symptoms in teens at the earlier stage of disease then we can handle it easily but at the later stage of depression, we caught the symptoms of depressed person that time this disease takes a worse place in our mind than we need some medical treatment with the help of experts advice.

Don’t depend on medication only:

Although medication is helpful for reducing the symptoms of depression it is not a permanent solution. Because when you will not take medicine that time disease again affects your mind. Therefore, the medication is not a proper treatment for depression.

It must be spent your time with family and friends:

According to experts, it is the best treatment of depression for teenagers. Social support is a good remedy to get out from depression disease because if a depressed person taking more and thinks less then he/she will recover within the less time average time. Don’t feel shame if you ask for help from family and friends. If you are asking for help it is not that you are a weak personality. it means you strong personality to discuss your problem with someone because you want to fight with the problem.


Do exercise regularly because it works on both mental health and physical health. Exercise helps to generate new cells in our brain which can help to reduce the level of depression. As I said before only medication is not appropriate for depression same as only exercise cannot beat the symptoms of depression. Medication and regular exercise are both important to get out from depression. Exercise helps to improve the interest in self-esteem and social life.


Eat a well-balanced diet because well-balanced contain calcium, protein, fiber, multivitamins. Which is essential for our physical and mental health and maintain the level of sugar in our regular diet. If your diet is well prepared and you consume it daily basis when you are in depression. it helps you to get out of the depression.


It is the best treatment for depression because at the time of depression our mind is working continuously and different types of thought come into our mind. after that all this thing happened in our mind and our mind feels tired. Sleep helps to reduce the tiredness from our mind and gives relaxation for handle the problem of depression. According to experts, 8 hours of sleep is essential for every person. on the other hand, if you do not sleep properly then you could face physical and mental health issues.

Cognitive therapy of depression:

As I said before if depression cases arise in teenagers at that point the best treatment of depression for teenagers can be found. Every person passes through a bad time and at such a bad time the person thinks about the negative result of everything. cognitive therapy helps to defuse negative thoughts in an effective way. In cognitive therapy, it provides a mental tool kit for defusing negative thought and cognitive therapy can change the perception of the depressed person to see the world in a positive way. Research shows that cognitive therapy works as well as antidepressants helping to get out from depression.

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