Cardio exercise at home and benefits

The cardio word was taken from the Greek word ‘kardia’ which is known as a heart. cardio and cardio exercise are terms that are important for everyone to know if someone is facing a heart-related problem.


What is cardio exercise?

Cardio exercise is a type of exercise that increases the heart rate up. It also works for reducing weight and keeping body fit. High blood pressure and cardio exercise are related to each other. With the help of this exercise, your breathing organ will start functioning at a high rate.

What are the benefits of cardio exercise?

Cardio exercise helps to improve your healthy lifestyle. If you want to take the benefits of cardio then make a timetable for your daily routine which can protect you from health issues.

1. cardio exercise enhances heart performance

There are lots of benefits but the major benefit of cardio exercise is to enhance your heart performance. So, Age does not matter in it and anyone can do cardio either you are a man, child, woman, or old. Increased heart rate can help in pumping more blood into body organs.

2. weight loss

Most people are putting fat due to bad eating habits and a busy lifestyle. Cardio workouts can become a great option to reduce weight. So, a Cardio workout makes the body burn more calories and release sweat. as a result, a person can reduce body fat on some days with the help of a cardio workout.

3. better sleep

Along with many benefits, a cardio workout gives us mental relief. thus, people can have better sleep. As per doctors, one should get at least 8 hours of sleep. Cardio workouts helps in ensuring this.

4. removes hypertension

nowadays hypertension is a big issue in people. Therefore, all people should do the cardio workout as it refreshes the mood of a person and helps in mitigating hypertension.

5. alternative to medication

most people have got tired of medicines for many heart-related problems. They can choose cardio workouts over medicines because cardio exercise is the best alternative to medication.

How to choose a cardio exercise

1. do what you want:

There are lots of cardio exercises, choose that you can easily perform like jumping jacks, rope skipping, high knee march, and mountain climbers. These are some types of cardio workout which are very popular.

2. go for quality not for quantity:

: quality matters because the quantity will not work effectively if we are not doing it in the right manner. while doing cardio exercise make sure you are doing it in the right way. Try to keep your heart rate fast so you can burn more calories and try to do it in the proper format to avoid injury.

3. make daily routine:

consistency is the key to achieving anything. If you are doing anything routine matters the most. thus, if you do something make sure you are not spoiling your routine and following your goal in a phased manner.

4. indoor and outdoor exercise.

There are some cardio workouts that can be performed indoors as well as outdoor. for instance, plank, skipping, jumping jack, and mountain climber are indoor exercises. however, running, swimming are outdoor exercise for cardio.

Few simple cardio exercisee

  1. Mountain climber
  2. Jump squats
  3. High knee march
  4. Skipping
  5. Jumping jacks

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