The Immune System | boost it with Foods and supplements

Nowadays, we all are learning about how to boost the immune system to stay safe from covid-19. Firstly, we should have knowledge about what is the importance of the immune system for our body and how it works. The immune system of every person is not the same. Some people have a strong immune system due to a healthy lifestyle like eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and doing routine exercise. Such types of people who have strong immune systems easily face minor issues of disease and infection. But on the other hand, there are some people whose immune system has less capability. So, they are more prone to diseases. Because their immune does not fight the illness and infection.

What is the immune system and how it works?

In our body, many invaders come from outside who can harm our body but the immune system helps to give protection from invaders namely, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and toxins. Our immune system is too complex. It has enough ability to fight a variety of illnesses and infections and our immune is strongly controlled by different inputs.

Food that boosts the immune system

1. Almond :

almonds helps for better Immune system

Almond is a powerful source of antioxidants to maintain a healthy immune system. It contains a high volume of vitamin E and is also rich in fiber, protein, zinc, iron.

 These are very useful for our body to boost our immune system. almonds also help to preventing and fighting with cold.

It has 6 grams of plant protein per 30-gram of serving. It is also low in sugar and salt/sodium-free everyone can take this because it is helpful for our body.

2. Citrus fruit :

citrus family boosts immunity

Citrus fruits are supercharged with vitamin C. In this covid-19 phenomenon, vitamin C is the most important vitamin in comparison to another vitamin.

Our body doesn’t store vitamin C that’s why doctors recommend a daily intake of citrus fruits because they contain a high volume of vitamin C.

In our body white cells helps to reduce the threat of infection and vitamin C is a source of producing white cells. That’s why citrus fruit is more important for our immunity system.

Popular citrus fruits include:






3. Broccoli :

Broccoli robusts immune system

Broccoli is loaded with vitamin C which is most important for our immune system. But our immune system is very complex and it requires the different values of nutrients properly.

 According to research, vitamin C plays a vital role in the treatment of various infections and illnesses. Most families usually use broccoli in their diet.

Broccoli is also rich in fiber and antioxidants.  You can eat it either cooked or raw both ways of eating are perfect but it provides different nutrient values.

4. Red bell pepper :

Bell paper for better immunity

As I said before, citrus fruits are supercharged with vitamin C. But as compared to citrus fruit red bell pepper contains three-time extra vitamins C.

 Red bell pepper is also rich in beta-carotene and beta-carotene helps to boost our immune system. Hence, in the list of healthy food red bell pepper is to consider.

 According to health experts consumption of vegetables and fruits is a more powerful source to prevent your health from illness and infection. Because vegetables and fruits contain different vitamins and antioxidants.

5. Ginger :

goodness of ginger of immune system

The consumption of ginger is an increase in the winter sessions. Because most people face cold issues in winter sessions due to climate change. Ginger prevents our body from infection. We can consume ginger a little in the summer session.

Ginger contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. These play a vital role to boost immunity. Ginger is a powerful source of antioxidants to strengthen our immune system. Most people consume ginger to maintain a healthy digestion system. Ginger is also helpful for nausea problems.

6. Garlic :

Garlic for better health

Garlic is the most powerful source of boosting the immune system and prevents our body from the fungal agent. According to research, raw garlic plays a vital role in fighting against the flu and cold because it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Most families use this powerful vegetable for cooking and many eat it as a pickle. As per the recommendation of health experts if you feel cold or flu, it is helpful to eat garlic But in low quantities.

7. Spinach :

spinach full of iron and offers  protection form diseases

Spinach vegetable is counted in the list of green vegetable it is also packed with vitamin C and beta carotene both are essential for boosting the immune system.

It provides the ability to fight infection and illness. Our health system needs more nutrient value and spinach food is supercharged with nutrients in low-calories. They provide vitamins, minerals, protein. The iron that’s why it is also important for skin, hair, born health, and immune system

8. Turmeric :

turmeric stimulates immune system

According to the research of the public library of science, turmeric is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds called curcumin. It helps to produce T-cell in our body and it works with our immunity system for the prevention of our health system from infections.

This spice gives a delicious taste to your meal and the color of this spice is vibrant orange-yellow.

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