Yoga poses with image and benefits

Yoga poses with images and benefits.

Yoga is the best practice for maintaining your body. there are too many people who want to do yoga but they can’t due to self-motivation issues. Generally, most people have fewer self-motivation traits. As per history, yoga is developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in north India over 5,000 years ago. however, in modern times it is not seen as an ancient activity. There are different types of yoga namely, Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga, Hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga, Iyengar yoga, Bikram yoga, power yoga, Sivananda yoga, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, Aerial Yoga, Acro yoga, etc

What is yoga?

Firstly, it is a fusion of three-term body, mind, and spirit and it is the art and science of a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, the main focus of yoga to create coordination between mind and body. Therefore, age and gender do not matter in yoga. It is a technique of physical posture and controls your breathing system, meditation. thus, Yoga practices give relaxation to our body and mind. The main purpose of yoga is self-realization to decline all kinds of physical and mental suffering which leads to a state of freedom. Because yoga has the power to change your body posture.

10 Easy poses of yoga

1. Lotus position :

Lotus position yoga is also known as a “Padmasana” it is a simple to pose of asana in yoga. firstly, sit in meditation pose simply put your left foot on the right thigh and right food put on your left thigh and keep your back straight.

 •  Relax the mind

 •  Improving spine alignment

•   Helps to maintain joints flexibility

•   it may Help to stretches of the knees and ankles

lotus position

2. Tadasana position:

Tadasana yoga position helps to increase your height. firstly Standing straight on the floor and take a little bit of gap between your legs. Then take a deep breath and raise your hands. Finally, Keep your hand upward by interlaced your fingers. After that come on the toes by raising your heels.

•       Helps in weight losing

•       Helps in breathing

•       Improves mental health

•       Increases height

•       Getting more energy

Tadasana position

3. Virasana position:

Virasana is also known as a hero pose. therefore It is said this is a modern exercise of yoga, Mainly in this position focus is on stretches and strengthens. (stretches)- knee, thigh, ankle. (strengthens)- arches of the feet.

•       It helps in digestion

•       Makes you active

•       Helps to improve blood circulation

•       It stretches knees, feet, and thighs

•       It cures symptoms of menopause

virasana position

4. Bhujangasana position:

Bhujangasana is also known as a cobra pose. Because it stretches the upper body. Hence, This can gain more flexibility to your spine, heart, and chest. If any person has back pain then don’t do this without a yoga trainer prescription. Otherwise, it creates a major issue for your back.

•       Helps to open the heart and lungs

•       Stretches of shoulders, chest, and abdomen

•       Remove stress

•       It helps to strengthen the spine

•       Therapeutic for asthma

bhujangasana position

5. Handstand position:

Handstand yoga exercise is not easy for everyone. This position is overturned vertical position by the balance on your hands. firstly, It’s a straight position of the body with arms and legs are fully extended. Take support against the wall if you are doing this as a beginner.

•       Helps to relax the nervous system

•       Improve immunity system

•       Nourish skin

•       Helps to get concentration and focus

handstand position

6. Plank position:

The plank position is also known as the forearm plank.  This position is similar to the push-up position. In the plank position. firstly, all the body weight should be on your forearms, elbows, and toes. There are also many variations that exist like side plank and reverse plank. Most of the people who take training for boxing and other fields of sportts

•       Helps to relax the nervous system

•       Improve immunity system

•       Nourish skin

•       Helps to get concentration and focus

plank position

7. Garudasana position:

Garudasana is also known as eagle position. For doing this, firstly, stand on either leg and cross over the other leg over it. Thereafter, use one of your hands to cross over on the other one. Stand in this position for some time and finally switch to other leg and hand.

•       Raise sense of balance

•       Improves muscles strength, ankles, and calves

•       Focus enhancement

•       Good for right body posture.

garudasana position

8. Uttanasana position:

This is an extension of tadasana after that bend forward and tries to touch the floor and also try to keep your legs straight. There is something you should keep in mind at the time of doing this asana. Don’t bend your knees otherwise it may harm you there should be the engagement of both mind and body at the time of doing an activity because the mind gives you direction to do anything.

•       Remove anxiety

•       Helps to reduce headaches problem

•       Improves digestion


9. Ustrasana position:

Ustrasana demands more flexibility. If you are doing this asana in the right poses then it is good for you otherwise it may harm you. In this ustrasana position simply bend your legs and sit on your knees and toes after that hold your feet with both hands and push your head backward. This asana is also known as camel pose and ustrasana is an effective asana to boost and balance your mental efficiency.

•       It may help to boost your shoulder flexibility

•       Relieves lower backache

•       Improves posture

•       Helps to remove fat on thighs.

•       Open up the chest

ustrasana position

10. Gomukhasana position:

Gomukhasana may help to stretches different parts of the body at the same time, namely hips, shoulders, thighs, underarms, ankles, and chest the name of the gomukhasana is driven from the Sanskrit word {go} means “cow” and {mukha} means face. That’s why it’s known as the cow face pose. At the time of performing this asana. First, sit with a straight back and then bring your left leg over the right leg, your right shin should be under the right thigh and properly stretched. Your right hand should go behind your head and your left hand should be coming up behind your back try to lock fingers of both hands and keep your back straight.

•       It helps to stretches the chest

•       Stretches triceps and biceps

•       Open up the shoulder

•       Stretches thighs

gomukhasana position

In conclusion :

Although, yoga is becoming an important part of the workout and it is an easy and effective way to keep yourself fit. however, we will recommend a balanced diet with your workout chart .in case, you want to know about intense workout check out our blog.

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